The bathroom can be a major hazard and place of serious frustration. From risk of falls to difficulty bathing, this room may inspire anxiety for many patients; but not to fear, we can help!

Bath safety is one of the most common concerns for seniors, parents, people with disabilities, or the everyday person. But a variety of products at doable prices can alleviate danger. Bath aids are easy to install and can make life more enjoyable. Why let a bathroom restriction stop you from having a normal life?

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Shower chairs allow you to get off your feet while bathing.
Byrd-Watson | Medical Services
For those with difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub, a transfer bench provides permanent ease while a transfer board is portable and easy to move. Both allow the user to easy slide in and out of the tub.
Byrd-Watson | Medical Services
Commodes can be a major benefit for any patient with limited mobility. These toilet frames allow you to easily relieve yourself in any room that you place the commode in. They are also wider than the average toilet, providing more stability.
Byrd-Watson | Medical Services
If the toilet isn’t sturdy enough anymore, you may want to consider a toilet adjustment. A riser helps you to sit without getting so close to the ground, while safety frames allow you to get on the toilet and stay there.

Life doesn’t need to be hard. Our bath aids are designed to make your bathroom experience just a little easier from the shower to the toilet. Most convenience products are not billable, but are well-priced and easy to use. With an ever-expanding line of products, you can always find just what you are looking for to wipe away bathroom woes.

Byrd-Watson | Medical Services
Byrd-Watson | Medical Services
Byrd-Watson | Medical Services



The best feeling we can get is knowing that we helped you get better. That’s why we carry a variety of items to help you heal after an accident or surgery. Check out our ever-changing supply, with items from red dishware to assist Alzheimers patients in eating to gauze for healing wounds; from hip kits after surgery to gowns to wear while you’re still tender. Items like pillows and blankets keep you comfortable during healing.

Our orthopedic products include braces, belts, supports, and wraps to help get you back to your best.


Certain pieces of medical equipment can be the deciding factor when determining whether or not one can stay in the home. For a full diagnosis of the home equipment you can use in your home, use our free Home Evaluation Form.

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A hospital bed is the best option for a bed-bound patient. The user can adjust it to comfortable angles using a motor, or a simple hand crank to change bed height.

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Over-the-bed tables are a convenience if you cannot get out of bed. Have your morning paper, favorite snack, and cell phone all within reach!


Combining mobility with comfort, our lift chairs create a functional environment in the home. These products are recommended for anyone with difficulty standing or getting around. We are proud to carry the finest lift chairs available by Golden Technologies. Made in America, they are state of the art and built of the finest materials including solid wood, high tech fabrics, and computerized technology. Medicare often covers the cost of the motor on these devices. With over a dozen styles in store and nearly 100 combinations of frame and fabric available for order, we have the ideal chair for any home.

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We’re proud to offer post-mastectomy services to help women regain their confidence and and comfort after their battle with breast cancer. Our Certified Fitter of Mastectomy offers private appointments to fit patients with custom bras and forms specifically designed to match each individual’s unique shape. We also carry a range of topical pain relievers designed with cancer treatments in mind, and products that give back to breast cancer research and awareness.


From power scooters to rollators, canes to crutches, and wheel chairs to walkers – our team is happy to help. We offer limitless options across sizes, prices, and designs to help you find the perfect piece to keep going. Ask one of our Medical Equipment Technicians about customization and maintenance, too!


Oxygen and sleep apnea patients receive five-star service from our Respiratory Therapist – a medical professional trained to work with your pulmonologist to treat your respiratory needs. For oxygen patients, we offer services ranging from home-fill systems to refill tanks, with delivery and 24-hour emergency service available. Our CPAP and sleep therapy customers enjoy light machine maintenance and cleaning, refills on all supplies, and free consultations with our experienced staff to answer any questions at any time.

WASTE DISPOSAL (Incontinence, Ostomy & Undergarments)

We can provide incontinence, ostomy, and undergarment supplies. Your information is kept private and you can continue life normally.



TECHNICIANS are available for delivery, installation, maintenance, and repair of all equipment.

RENTALS are available for alternating pressure pads, apnea machines, breast pumps, travel oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, scooters, wheelchairs, and more.

24 HOUR SERVICE is guaranteed on life sustaining equipment.

CREDIT AND DEBIT are both accepted.




INSURANCE can be directly billed for patients of AARP, BlueCross BlueShield, Medicare, and many more!

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