Happy Small Business Week! Here are the 4 best reasons to shop at small, local businesses like Byrd-Watson.

1.     Community – Small businesses often keep money local by hiring employees from the community, sourcing nearby vendors, and supporting town schools or charities. If you choose a small business over a large corporation, you’re keeping your dollars in the community instead of sending off to mega-millionaires.

2.     Legacy – Imagine Mount Vernon with no small businesses – pretty sad, right? Local companies are the lifeblood of the town and help to preserve local history and legacy.

3.     People – From families of owners to part-time high school workers, small businesses are made of local people trying to make it. When you support a small business, you invest in the people involved and help to create livelihoods for those in your community. You also allow the company to bring in professionals and clinicians who can contribute and give back to Southern Illinois.

4.     COVID – The past year has been hard for every small business as more people shop online to stop the spread of the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has done massive damage to almost every small company across the country and when you choose to shop at one of these establishments, you help us to recover from the impact of the virus.

Article by Jase Lucas | Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Byrd-Watson

Update Information on COVID-19