Sleep apnea affects millions of Americans. If you stop breathing at night, your sleep pattern, health, and even life can be at risk. When this happens, your doctor may prescribe a CPAP or BiPAP machine to keep you breathing. They’re small, but they can quickly become a device you rely on every night. At Byrd-Watson, our Respiratory Therapists have developed an apnea program with two phases: set-up and use.

After your doctor prescribes a CPAP or BiPAP and we receive the order, we should contact you within a few days to do the set-up. This is a thirty-to-sixty-minute appointment when you will meet one-on-one with a Respiratory Therapist. During the set-up you will 1) receive the machine, 2) be instructed on how to use and operate your machine, 3) receive your first round of supplies, 4) receive advice from the RT on how to clean and maintain the machine, 5) be fitted for the mask that best fits you, and 6) be allowed to ask any questions. After the set-up, you will be able to use your breathing machine the same day.

Sleep apnea is usually a life-long process which will require you to use your CPAP or BiPAP machine daily. Over time, different parts of the machine become worn and dirty – we call these “supplies.” Luckily, most insurances allow you to get new supplies every one-to-six money counters We keep most of your supplies in stock, making it easy to simply walk in and request any supplies you are due for.

Supplies include:

nasal cushion

Nasal Cushions

CPAP Nasal Pillows


disposable filters

Disposable Filters

full face cushion

Full Face Cushions

Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | Nasal Masks
Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | Tubing
Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | Full Face Masks
Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | Non-Disposable Filters

Nasal Masks


Full Face Masks

Non-Disposable Filters

Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | Chin Straps
Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | Water Chambers


Water Chambers

We also offer:

Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | CPAP Wipes
Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | CPAP Pillows

CPAP Wipes

CPAP Pillows

Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | CPAP Wipes

CPAP Wipes

Byrd-Watson | Respiratory & Sleep Therapy | CPAP Pillows

CPAP Pillows

Plus, we enroll you in our CPAP Calls program for extra convenience. If you choose to enroll, we will give you regular calls when you are due for several supplies. All you do is accept the supplies over the phone, then come in whenever you can to receive them. We’ll have a staff member prepare them for you and a RT always checks the supplies before you receive them. Usually, you can simply walk in, sign for your insurance, and walk out with new supplies without having to wait or pay.

Current CPAP Customers Can Enroll in CPAP Calls Here!


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Respiratory Therapy is the medical practice of assisting in respiration (breathing). A Respiratory Therapist (RT) spends years in college receiving training to work with doctors to keep you breathing and keep your lungs healthy. Certified Respiratory Therapists and Registered Respiratory Therapists supervise all breathing equipment at Byrd-Watson: oxygen, apnea machines, and nebulizers. Not only do our RTs set up and maintain your equipment, but they are medical professionals available to answer any questions or settle any concerns you have about breathing.

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