We offer free blood pressure checks to help you monitor your health. Ask our Pharmacy staff for a check and we’ll even put it on file in case we ever need it.


Byrd-Watson is a full service pharmacy. Our Pharmacists are honored to provide all of your prescription drugs. In addition, you can ask about your special compounded medications.


Free delivery is available in Mount Vernon city limits six days a week, and to Dix on Tuesdays. If you don’t live in the delivery area, we will be happy to deliver to you at a very low cost. You never have to worry about changing your busy schedule to come to the Pharmacy – we’ll bring it to you! Delivery is available to your home or office.


We accept most insurance plans. If you see “Healthmart Atlas pharmacy” we are contracted with your plan. Stop by and ask a Pharmacy Technician how we can bill your insurance to provide your prescription at the lowest cost to you.


Can’t come in? No problem! Our drive-thru allows you to get in-and-out without ever leaving the car. Call ahead and we can even have your order waiting when you get here.


Don’t worry about bringing in the credit card or check book – just sign up for Express Pay. With this program, we can keep your credit card on file and charge you every time you visit with no hassle and no extra fees. With Express Pay, your medications are literally just a signature away!


We offer the annual influenza (flu) vaccine, as well as pneumonia, Tdap, Shingrix, and more. Stop in and our staff will review your immunization history to make sure you stay up to date on your vaccines.  This form is for all vaccines except the COVID19 vaccine.  For the COVID19 vaccine please go to the home page and scroll down to schedule appointment.



If you take more than one medication, Med Sync is for you. In this program, we work with your doctor to synchronize your medication pick ups and limit trips to the Pharmacy.

YOU save time and money with only one trip to our store each month. WE can serve you and other patients faster if we fill your scripts all at once. The DOCTOR can easily track compliance knowing that you get all of your meds at the same time. It’s fast. It’s free. It’s convenient. Enroll today!

You can also manage your medications with Medicine Planners.


Whether you’re just turning 65 or you’re tired of your Medicare D policy, we can help! Our staff is trained to find you the drug plan that will best cover your medications and still save you money. Let us counsel you at a low cost (fee waived for Pharmacy customers) and help you find the perfect Medicare D policy. 

Those over 65 who already have coverage can change their plans during Open Enrollment, a period determined by the government (October 15-December 7) for changes in Medicare plans. Don’t forget to prepare for your appointment – have your photo identification, Medicare card, social security number, and Medicare B supplemental insurance information on your person when you come to the Pharmacy.


Fact: A Pharmacist is a medical professional with at least five years of schooling on drug therapy.

Let our Pharmacists guide you in your medication journey. You can stop in any time to ask questions or express concerns, and our Pharmacists will be available to you to answer and alleviate.


Medicine Planners are for any patient who takes more than one pill each day. On this program, our Pharmacy Technicians will lay out your medicines by day and time each week in a convenient pill case that specifies times to take each group of meds.

You can also manage your medications with Med Sync.


We carry a wide range of products to purchase including cold medicine, allergy meds, vitamins, pain relievers, feminine products, baby supplies, hygiene products, household supplies, and so much more!


Byrd Watson Pharmacy is on RxLocal! Now, you can request refills and check on the status of a prescription from your Apple or Android device. Download our free app today from the App Store or Google Play Market.


We’re with the times! Our free texting service allows you to text in a refill request and receive a message when it’s ready to pick up! Ask any member of our staff to sign you up for this convenient, twenty-first century program.


Want to know more about your medication?

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